Meet The Captains


Ramon J. Thompson

My name is Captain Rick J Thompson, and I’m a United States Marine Corps Veteran who’s proud to call New Orleans, Louisiana home.  Growing up I spent countless hours learning, fishing and hunting the bayous of Venice, LA. While I’ve logged a lion’s share of fish, my most fond memories are the smell of salt in the air, having alligators destroy popping corks and swimming with porpoises in the distance. I often still hear my Dad saying, “Get‘em out of the water!” when I’d tell him that it felt like a big one on the line. I named this company “ClearVision Charters,” because my foremost desire is to allow patrons to see the bayou through the eyes that caused that child (a 10 year old me) to fall in love with Louisiana’s waterways. I am 100% committed to providing the best possible experience for my guests every time we crank up.

As a former Marine, disabled veteran and Special Olympics unified golf partner, I take great pride in offering services to those with physical and intellectual disabilities. The Storm Cell was chosen with all of the bayou’s joys in mind, and for that reason we offer 5 separate charter packages.

Over time I’ve added the waters of Myrtle Grove to my knowledge base. Doing so allows us to land quality fish year round, and to find appropriate water conditions for each group’s desired charter package. Myrtle Grove Marina is conveniently located approximately 30 minutes from downtown New Orleans.

Michael 'Shane' York

Capt. Michael ‘Shane’ York is a native of X, Georgia and has been fishing the waters surrounding the New Orleans area since 1997.

He grew up fishing largemouth bass on the local lakes and rolled into competing in bass tournaments as high as national level. The early bass fishing helped shape Captain Shane’s high level of keenness on the water and made his roll over to fishing the shallow bayous and marshes of Louisiana a breeze.

While he’s proficient in multiple fishing techniques and presentations for redfish and speckled trout, he’s adapted the use of live bait to produce fun times for those clients that may be less experienced.

Captain Shane has a master’s captain’s license, and has captained several commercial crew boats used during operations ranging from offshore spill clean up, to supply and maintenance runs all over the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Who Are We?

ClearVision Inshore Charters is a for profit, inshore charter company, based out of Southeastern Louisiana. The company was started by Ramon J Thompson on March 18th 2019 and will begin running charters on June 1st 2019. ClearVision boasts a 23 foot, 2018 NauticStar 231 Angler named “Storm Cell”. This hybrid boat’s oversized console with functional/private head (restroom), and elevated freeboard (sidewalls) provide a comfort and safety advantage that make it preferable to most inshore bay boats. While only drafting 13 inches of water(which is standard for bay boats), the Storm Cell is outfitted with, and can quickly be transformed to take advantage of, 2 large casting platforms, passive fishing (trolling) outriggers, a 6-person picnic style dining area and comfortable, lounge style seating. The Storm Cell is powered by a 200 horse power Yamaha inline four stroke outboard, coupled with the Uncle Norm’s Orca Fin (for increased control and comfort).

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